Ricky Kimball has over two decades of advanced study regarding all facets of theatre and contemporary methodology toward heightened reality acting. 

 His work focuses on pushing the avenues of what is possible in regards to the actor and the audience

He attended the University of Utah, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Teaching Theater. He additionally attended Westminster College, where he received a Masters of Arts degree with a specialization in Secondary Theater. He studied for two years in Los Angeles as an actor while working as a stand up comedian as well. Ricky's work has been featured locally and praised throughout the State of Utah. In the Spring of 2013, he received the "Musical Legacy Award" for using theatre to enhance the student's lives. He received this award from Utah Festival Opera Organization. He has directed on the elementary, junior high, high school, college and community level. He is currently directing at the University of Idaho under their Master of Fine Arts program in directing.

 I believe that to be the most effective Theatre practitioner, you must be aware of the changes in our social subconscious and how it necessitates the demands on the individual artist.

A few of the concepts I have taught in the past:

Meisner Methodology

Stanislavski System

Fitz Maurice Breathing Methodology

Rasa esthetic Theory

Advanced Improvisation 

Far Eastern Movement Styles (Suzuki, Butoh)

Bogart's Viewpoints

Musical Theater 

These are a mere sample of my studies into what it takes to authentically prepare oneself to react authentically and instantly on stage, in the moment. As I teach the above theories, along with many others, I do so with a responsibility to both the concept and the student; to teach it comprehensively with full scope of both theatrical relevance and actor growth. One of my goals is to work within a framework to create new theatre dialogue that reflects and shapes our ideas about the world around us.